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I write historical romance, short stories, articles for newspapers, magazines and e-zines, as well as business and marketing plans and manuals.

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Historical romance, set on the Titanic. 

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MR Review
Reviewer: Alberta

There are a million stories about the night the Titanic sank, and the aftermath of the tragedy. This an interesting love story, with an early similarity to the DiCaprio remake of the original movie, in that a moneyed passenger in first class falls in love with a steerage passenger. This time the first class passenger is Malcolm and the girl he falls in love with is Bree, an Irish seamstress escaping a dreary servant’s life to travel to New York.

The story veers off then, away from the Titanic story, to encompass Malcolm’s mother, who is being abused by her second husband, Eldon, Malcolm’s stepfather. Bree helps Elizabeth escape from the ship and ends up accompanying her to their estate in the USA. Eldon wants to get rid of all his pesky relatives so he can have the fortune he thinks should be his alone.

Eldon slides into lunacy, kidnapping, poisoning, murder in his nefarious quest, and is an ideal villain. He is so slimy, I loved his characterization.

Love prevails, the ladies are rescued, and the story ends with HEA. I enjoyed An Unsinkable Love a lot, and look forward to more from Benson.

What's more romantic than a fantastic sunset?  Sharing it with the one you love.

On April 15, 1912, at 11:40 p.m., the luxury liner titanic struck an iceberg and sank in the north Atlantic. 1,517 souls were lost. No one can ever know the effects this tragedy will have on history - what accomplishments, good and bad - might have been. Those stories forever lie buried in the cold, dark depths.
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