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Sick people make me sick

It’s not that I don’t like sick people, or that I think they’re faking. It’s that they can literally make me sick. And they don’t stay home. They come to work, or they go to the grocery store or the post office, and they sneeze and cough and put their hands all over stuff the rest of us can’t avoid.

Yes, I know there are disinfectant wipes in a few places, but not everywhere. I also realize some people don’t have sick days to cover loss of income. But this time of year it’s so hard to stay healthy. If something gets started now, it’s bound to spill over into the holidays when there are even more people around that are either sick or can catch what you have, and spread it further.

If you see me wearing a surgical mask, and it’s not Halloween or I’m not pooper-scooping, then you need to know it’s as much for you as it is for me. I’d rather ‘tis the season to enjoy seeing you and all the others, than the season of the “which disease is it.”

Be kind and considerate to your family and co-workers and strangers. If you’re sick, stay home if you can, limit the places you go when you can, carry hand wipes or disinfectant wash, and wash your hands often. Please!

End of public service announcement.

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