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The Pickup Artist is available on Amazon in e-book, paperback and audio, and B&N in e-book and paperback as well as other locations. 

Renni Delacroix has spent all her twenty eight years struggling in the man’s world of classic cars and has finally been acknowledged as a top ten restorer. When her newest project comes complete with a serial killer, she’s forced to divulge her deepest secret: she can “see” the history of an old car when she touches it, a curse that has caused her nothing but trouble all her life. A skeptical detective makes it clear she’s the #1 suspect, and Renni knows it’s up to her to utilize her well-honed skills of ferreting out missing parts for restoration projects to track down the real killer. When the killer finds out about Renni, his deadly determination not to let her shut him down puts not only Renni in his headlights, but risks the lives of the people she cares about.

Angelique Lawson, a prim, naïve spinster, has an injured, murderous train robber dumped on her doorstep with instructions to get him healthy enough to hang. The handsome, persuasive Demon Daugherty stirs feelings she’s never felt in all her twenty-four years, but it’s clear he’s not to be trusted. When his true identity becomes known and she has the opportunity for true love, her own past comes back to haunt her. It takes a deadly disaster to bring them together, only to have their plans spiked by a conniving woman intent on claiming Demon for her own, no matter the method. But Demons are fierce creatures and he risks it all to win Angelique back. Just when they think they have their happily ever after, a more violent, and persistent, threat comes between them.

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Surviving the Titanic can be hazardous to your health

An Unsinkable Love
Available in e-book and paperback at



Each of these is a good thing, especially for a writer. I like a little romance and a lot of mystery, and always some history.

I've spent my life living in and exploring Western Colorado, the last 40+ of it with my husband and a variety of Brittany Spaniels. Our part of the country is full of history, ghost towns, colorful scenery...and characters (which I may qualify as).

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