Is this the beginning of a stormy romance, or the dark before the dawn?

Bridget Barry has escaped her violent family and settled in as an employee on the magnificent White Star liner Titanic.  Right off the bat she has a run-in, literally, with a handsome rake who seems hell-bent on seduction.  Before his plan comes to fruition, the great liner plunges to the ocean depths.  Bridget finds herself penniless and in a hospital.

Malcolm DuMont is returning from touring the Continent with his mother and step-father on Titanic.  He sets his sights on the petite Titian-haired beauty, surprised but undeterred when he finds out she is an employee of the shipping line.

When the ship goes down, lives are lost or irreversibly changed...among them, Bridget's and Malcolm's.  Thrown together during this tumultuous time, they find a love that proves unsinkable.  Until, that is, they discover that forces darker and stronger than the Atlantic Ocean have followed them home.
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