Starting out on a romantic vacation, or treading water hoping someone will notice?

Girls gone (into the) wild!

I just got back from an outdoor program put on by Colorado Parks and Wildlife. It's called Cast and Blast, and it's only for women. We all meet at a state wildlife site, in this case, Lone Cone. There's a cabin there with bunkrooms, a kitchen, and lots of wide open spaces. There were about fifteen of us, plus 4 DOW officers. Now, I've grown up in the outdoors. My father hunted, and myself, my mother, and siblings went with him. I've gone on an elk hunt through the Women in the Outdoors program. My husband hunts and most of our friends hunt. The Cast and Blast program is intended to help women get comfortable with being in the outdoors, and hopefully to develop an interest in hunting to help

Cousin Ollie "In the Pink"

Dang. The Post Office just delivered those DOW hunting guides and we’ve had to institute the “check the caller ID on the phone rule.” If it’s Cousin Ollie, don’t pick up! For those of you who’ve met Cousin Ollie, you know he’s not the brightest bulb in the lamp, but that’s not the problem. See, the thing is, those hunting guides have the word "Hunting" in them, and Ollie lives for hunting season. As soon as those brochures show up he starts calling everyone to make sure they get their applications submitted in time. All summer he’s scheduling shooting practices every weekend. Then there are the evening drives to “scout for the big ones.” Never mind that the “big ones” didn’t get that

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