Starting out on a romantic vacation, or treading water hoping someone will notice?

Tis the Season!

No, not that one. Diet season. You know, that season between big, bulky clothes and (eeeek) shorts, sleeveless shirts, and (gasp) swim suits. By now, the New Year resolutions have pretty much faded by the wayside. A 3-month-at-a-glance calendar says you’ll be changing out the clothes in the closet much sooner than you think, especially when you look outside and it’s snowing. But I’m planning ahead. Not really. I’m just not sure I can continue to fit in those big, bulky clothes for another month or two and, if not, I’m in real trouble. I’ve done the Keto diet in the past because the recipes are pretty good, you don’t feel hungry, and I can get my husband on board. But that’s part of the probl

When you know your husband really has you figured out

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. Again. For the 30th time. That I've lived that long is great (especially considering what we actually did on my birthday (see the earlier post about good luck and bad decisions), but what really made my day was what my husband gave me for my birthday. Guess what it was. No, really, guess. You won't get it, not in a million years. Give up? (if you guessed, it's because I provided visual hints!) Okay. He gave me classes in criminology and forensics. Real classes that will earn me certificates. I could probably be a consultant for CSI or Forensics Files when I'm done. Okay, maybe not, but I can use the information in my writing. I'll be able to slip in so

My thoughts on Swedish Death Cleaning

Well, first of all, when I originally saw this topic, I assumed it was post death, which seemed like something I wasn’t interested in because by the time I needed it, I’d be dead, right? Turns out, that’s not what Swedish Death Cleaning (SDC) means at all. It’s basically the same as the “new” thing Marie Kondo has been promoting in her sold-out book and on TV, only she (very considerately) doesn’t use the word “death” – she calls it the KonMari Method (narcissistic, perhaps…). SDC, which I started practicing a couple years ago - but had titled less gruesomely “Cleaning which prevents your kids from hating you after you’re dead” - is designed for people over 50 to practice. The intent is to g

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