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Twas the Weekend Before Christmas

Twas the weekend before Christmas and things are a mess

I’ve been putting off what needs done, I willingly confess

Packages to wrap litter every room

If I don’t get my butt in gear, we’re surely doomed

Menu? What Menu? You mean I have to cook?

I was just settling in to work on my book!

I got the tree up and decorated and that was a win

But I waited so long it's almost time to take it down again

This whole thing used to be so much easier

Might have to do with me being a lot geezier

I do miss the old days with a house full of family

When rarely a year went by without a calamity

Most of the family has gone their separate way

Creating their own memories and traditions for the day

We have lots of photos (the real kind, mind you)

To remind us of the past - good, bad, and crazy - it’s true

And now another year is nearly done

but all in all it's been a pretty good one

Here’s wishing a very Merry Christmas to everyone

May the New Year bring health, happiness, and a ton of fun!

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