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Thanks for the memories, and for the new ones in the Making!

I have a new book coming out in 2022, thanks to support from my friends. Especially my writer friends. With my book coming out on April Fool’s Day (we’ll hope that’s not prophetic!), I have to depend on those friends for help with marketing, blurbs, reviews, etc., because most of this is new to me.

It still amazes me, but it shouldn’t, how helpful and willing my fellow writers are. From suggesting agents and publishers to pitch, to critique group partners, to authors blurbing my book, offers to have me blog on their websites, and now to those who are reviewing ARCs (Advance Reader Copies) of Pickup Artist, a Bad Carma Mystery, so they can post reviews for me.

These are seriously busy people. Some of them write multiple books per year, while editing others, marketing their books, maintaining websites and blogs, etc. It’s a constant, hectic workload. Yet, they still take the time to help their fellow readers out.

So as I raise a glass to the New Year, I also toast all those friends, writers, and family who have supported my writing. Here’s to a better year, more writing, more READING, and a boatload of 5 Star Available at Amazon, Literary Wanderlust, and most book reviews (for me, and my writer friends).

outlets as of 4/1/2022


Also released in 2021, The Angel and the Demon, Book I of Lead Me Into Temptation


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