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When you know your husband really has you figured out

I recently celebrated my 29th birthday. Again. For the 30th time. That I've lived that long is great (especially considering what we actually did on my birthday (see the earlier post about good luck and bad decisions), but what really made my day was what my husband gave me for my birthday.

Guess what it was. No, really, guess. You won't get it, not in a million years.

Give up? (if you guessed, it's because I provided visual hints!)

Okay. He gave me classes in criminology and forensics.

Real classes that will earn me certificates. I could probably be a consultant for CSI or Forensics Files when I'm done. Okay, maybe not, but I can use the information in my writing. I'll be able to slip in some clever quote from a profiler, or drop in a hint of a clue that I know can be discovered, but not easily. I'll have insight into the mind of criminals that I would just be making up otherwise. How cool is that?

How many of you have a spouse that would look that hard to find something so perfect for a gift?

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