Starting out on a romantic vacation, or treading water hoping someone will notice?

Growing Old(er) and NOT taking it with you

I recently visited my mother and her husband who just moved into assisted living a couple months ago, after being in the same house on a farm for decades. But in their eighties, the large property, Wisconsin winters, an aging farmhouse, and significant medical issues had taken a toll. In their heads they knew it was time to downsize, but their hearts weren’t convinced. Then things went pretty fast when they hit the top of the wait list openings at their 1st choice apartment to move to. Their extended family out there had a few weekends available - three to be exact – to move a couple who have collected things all their lives (tractors – real, full size tractors - and butter dishes and churns

The Forbidden City, and other places

We recently took a trip to China. Definitely a bucket list item. It was a spur of the moment Groupon Travel junket, and I had a hard time convincing our travel partners that this was a legitimate tour, given the incredible price. It all checked out, though, so we booked it nearly a year ago. It seemed to take forever for the departure date to get close, then all of the sudden it was here and we scrambled to get everything ready. There were a few last minute issues, but overall, the 30+ hours of travel each way and the in-country movement was pretty pain free. Our trip included the Great Wall (Rick's #1 destination), the Forbidden City (my #1), the giant Buddha, canal and lake tours, lecture

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