Starting out on a romantic vacation, or treading water hoping someone will notice?

Sick people make me sick

It’s not that I don’t like sick people, or that I think they’re faking. It’s that they can literally make me sick. And they don’t stay home. They come to work, or they go to the grocery store or the post office, and they sneeze and cough and put their hands all over stuff the rest of us can’t avoid. Yes, I know there are disinfectant wipes in a few places, but not everywhere. I also realize some people don’t have sick days to cover loss of income. But this time of year it’s so hard to stay healthy. If something gets started now, it’s bound to spill over into the holidays when there are even more people around that are either sick or can catch what you have, and spread it further. If you see

It's October, and Halloween isn't the only scary thing out there

It’s been a month since the Colorado Gold Conference. Since that incredible high of being surrounded by other writers, listening to speakers, attending presentations. If you’re like me, you came home so motivated to get going on your WIP, or start a new book, or revise, or even submit that under-the-bed manuscript that really IS ready to see the light of day. You’ve just been too frightened to hit send, hiding in a closet with your eyes closed, just waiting for a rejection to jump out and attack your frail psyche. But just like that manuscript, there are other monsters lurking under the bed. Your fear of rejection. Your impostor syndrome. Your really excellent costume made from excuses of al

That's Life

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t posted as frequently as I’d hoped to. But that’s life. In the meantime, my son just took a great new job that will give him incredible experience. But just before that, he suffered a heavy personal hit that took him down a long way. That’s life. One of my husband’s co-workers has been struggling with family issues and just made the life-changing decision to quit his job and move a long way away, and to be closer to family. That’s life. I bit the bullet and submitted my manuscript to agents and editors. So far, one “no, thanks”, two “it may take a while, but we’ll get back to you,” one continuing silence, and one publisher who had asked for a full that

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