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Life during Coronavirus just got interesting!

After having to work from home for three months (yes, I HAD to - I would have preferred to stay in my routine of going to work, and I like my job), and wearing face masks, and being inundated by so much negative news (OMG!), things took a turn for the better.

In late May I signed a publishing contract for the first book in my Lead Me Into Temptation series, The Angel and the Demon - which is absolutely fantastic and I'm so excited! I'll be working with Champagne Book Group.

And then, in mid-June, I signed a publishing contract for the first book in my Bad Carma series, Pickup Artist - which is equally as fantastic, and about which I am equally excited! Who woulda thunk it?

I'm deep into getting pre-production work done, and I also have the next in each series to polish and submit to see if they'll be picked up as well.

Karma got even with me, though, and sent me a whopper of a back issue that really knocked the wind out of me. Thank goodness for the good news on the books to help get me through that. I'm back to work part time, and our nearly 4 month long kitchen remodel (3 months with nothing in a kitchen but a fridge standing in the middle of the room is a tough slog, let me tell you!) is within just a week or two of completion. It's actually perfectly usable now - just needs flooring over the plywood and some additional cabinetry touches to finish, so life is good.

In fact, life is great. I still don't know anyone personally who has had, or has, COVID, and I'd like to keep it that way. Hope you and yours are healthy and safe as well. I'll keep you posted on progress with the books, too!


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