Starting out on a romantic vacation, or treading water hoping someone will notice?

Simple Formula for Living a Good Life

Live beneath your means Return everything you borrow, and say Thank You! Stop blaming other people for your life choices Admit it when you make a mistake Give clothes not worn/items not needed to charity Do something nice and try NOT to get caught Listen more/talk less Take a 30 minute walk every day Strive for excellence, not perfection Be on time; don’t make excuses Be kind to unkind people Let someone cut ahead of you in line Take time to be alone; learn to happy without needing someone else to make you happy Cultivate good manners in yourself and your children Be humble Realize and accept life isn’t fair Know when to keep your mouth shut Go an entire day without criticizing anyone Learn

How (NOT) to Travel in the Back Country Issue I

After hearing about another of our great adventures, one of my co-workers mentioned that I should write a travel blog. I was thrilled to hear that someone loved my travel stories. Until she explained that other people should really know NOT to travel like we do. Hmmmm. After feeling sorry for myself for all of 5 minutes while I pondered the many places we’ve been, and how those trips could have turned out, I decided she was probably right. So here goes - The inaugural issue of the “How NOT to Travel in the Back Country," starting with my top 10 rules of the road… Never tell anyone where you’re going (even if you actually know). Never remember to put in a map of where you think you’re going

TV Fever about to be kicked out the door

Most people say they have cabin fever this time of year because they've been cooped up all winter. But I feel like I have TV fever, because I've been spending too much time watching TV. It's been cold, or dark, or cold and dark, and I just can't make myself get up and go...anywhere. With Daylight Savings Time starting next weekend, I'll now have an extra hour of daylight in the evenings and I can hardly wait. I know some people hate the time change, especially when you have to get up earlier in the spring when you Spring Forward vs. getting to sleep in an hour when you Fall Back. But since I'm at work at 6:30 on the morning, it's dark for more of the year than it is light in the morning. I n

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