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Coronavirus Blues, Part II

My last post was about how I felt at the time. This post goes a little farther, because we've come a little further. I think I have those two words right. It appears I may have had the virus, but with very light symptoms. I won't know until if/when I can take an antibody test. If it turns out I have, then I can get out into the world again, and possibly volunteer somewhere that could use people who can't catch COVID-19, at least for a while. I've been at home, with only a scant few forays out, for almost 3 weeks. During that time I've been working remotely. I haven't been writing, despite finally have lots of time to do it. The weather has been pretty rotten, until today, so I haven't gotten

Coronavirus Blues

No, I don't have it. Yes, I'll probably get it. No, I'm not hoarding TP. Yes, I have plenty of what I think I will need, including some frozen and canned food for in case I'm sick and don't want to shop or do much prep. I tried a "for pickup" grocery order to see how well it worked (so-so, but definitely an option). It's just the two of us at home, but we both work with other people, so it's as possible we'll get sick from friends as strangers. And we've both been inundated with COVID policies and procedures. I have mostly seen good stuff on social media - shares of "authentic" sites like the CDC and city/county giving out info on how to be as safe as you can, both for yourself and others. B

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