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The Zen art of M&Ms

Today I'm going to introduce you to a life-altering method of relaxation. Anyone can do it, almost anywhere. All you need are a bag of M&Ms and a flat surface.

First, dump all the M&Ms out on the flat surface.

Sort them by color

Then make a picture with them.

I prefer landscapes. Somehow, the colors and shapes lend themselves to patch of flowers, with a big sun (okay, so you have to use your imagination here, people!)

The bigger your bag of M&Ms, the bigger your picture.

Then, starting with any left-over stragglers, you eat them. Then you eat the petals off your flowers, then the leaves, and stem. Then the birdsandthesunandtheground....

If you practice this each day, you will become as round and happy as Buddha.

The end.

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