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You can't beat the classics!

I'm not talking about music, although I like that, too. The classics I'm talking about are cars.

I'm not sure if it was reading Clive Cussler's Dirk Pitt novels or going to car shows, but I'll take a pre-1950 classic beauty over anything else, any day, for looks. I know a lot of people love the muscle cars of the later years, but a fully restored 1940's coupe, or a resto mod created by channeling and chopping one of the rum runners, are what float my boat.

How about this 1928 Mercedes? They don't make them like that anymore!

Maybe they weren't the safest things, because some of them ran really fast, but they would turn your head even when sitting still - and they still can (at least mine).

My Bad Carma series is all about classic cars, and Renni Delacroix, the female classic car restorer who makes them as good as new, or into something the original builders never imagined. And because it's a mystery series, there has to be mayhem and murder involved.

Pickup Artist features a Ford Marmon Harrington pickup that was owned (and used for transporting bodies) by a serial killer. Ghost Story has a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost limo and a kidnapping that goes awry. But I'm not going to ignore the Muscle Cars or any other classic. Other titles include King Cobra, Killer 'Cuda, Big Woody, and Lightening Rod, to name a few.

My stories, and their titles, come from the old cars themselves - I see a car, and the story just rolls out of my head like a smooth highway. Unfortunately, getting a full story on paper isn't quite that easy.

I'm just about ready to send Pickup Artist out to agents, so keep your fingers crossed that you'll be able to read the story soon. What kind of car would you like to see sitting in your driveway? Would you want something you could restore or something right off the showroom floor? Let me know your favorite - you never know, it might be the next in the series!

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