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'Twas the Friday before Christmas

Twas the Friday before Christmas and everything was hopping

As usual the husbands were just starting their shopping

The kids had buried the Elf on the Shelf

Which the dog then dug up to keep for himself

Grocery shoppers pushed loaded carts at full speed,

Not noticing they’d missed the one thing they’d need

The streets were a madhouse and horns honked nonstop

Weary teachers went home and collapsed with a plop

Cats climbed Christmas trees and caused mayhem

Then sat and dared anyone to punish them

Pretty packages all tied up with ribbon and bow

Were hidden where kids weren’t supposed to know

The children proved that was a waste of time

And hastily rewrapped them to hide the crime

And mom in her slippers and covered in flour

Looked at the clock and got a burst of willpower

If the cookies and candy could be done by midnight

She’s have a chance to get some sleep yet tonight

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