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Twas the Saturday before Christmas

Twas the Saturday before Christmas and family was arriving They came by plane and train and some were driving

Who would sleep where and in what bed As visions of laundry danced in my head

Menus need planning and groceries bought And it was all taking much consideration and thought

How to entertain children and parents alike I wanted to send them all on a very long hike

Aromas arose from food that was cooking

And ooohs and aahs from kids who were looking

Under the tree where presents were lurking While I seasoned and brined a ginormous turkey

We gathered together after the children were asleep

Snug in beds, they dreamt with not even a peep

Grownups relaxed and sipped their libations

And talked about jobs and recent vacations

With days still to Christmas I prayed they’d find reason to really enjoy and celebrate the season

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