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I resolve to do something different than make a list of resolutions this year

I saw a Facebook post a while back that suggested finding an empty jar and putting it in a prominent place - somewhere that you see all the time. Each week you put a note in it with something good that happened the past week. Then on New Year's Eve you read all those notes. What a great idea!

It seems like you always see comments like "I'm glad this year is over, can't wait for the next one" or "This was a tough year. Maybe the next will be better" at the end of every year. And yet, when you look back closely at the year, there are always wins along with the losses, and ups along with the downs.

My goal is to have a note on my calendar at the end of each week to write down all the things that were good in that week - not just one. Then I'll put that note in my jar. I'll name it my Goodie Jar (as opposed, of course, to my Baddie jar - that's another post altogether!). Come New Year's, I think I'll really enjoy looking back at the year and being reminded of all the good that came of it, rather than complaining about the bad.

What about you? Are you more interested in remembering the good, or dwelling on the bad?

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