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'Tis the season for Weddings and making memories

I just attended a wedding in Telluride. It was gorgeous, sunny (mostly) but there were still some big snowbanks strewn about. We rode the gondola up to the mountain then walked to a lookout where the wedding was held.

With a backdrop like that, it was hard to focus on the wedding, until you saw the look on the groom’s face as the bride approached.

I haven’t been to a lot of weddings lately, and maybe I’ve forgotten the feeling, but I really loved watching their faces as they spoke their vows, and seeing other members of the wedding party, even guys, tearing up.

There is just something about the joy and excitement and nervousness that makes it even more fun. The reception was nice, but with a live band and open bar, it was best left to the younger crowd after the first hour or so. When we were driving home, I thought back to my own wedding forty-one years ago, and made a few comparisons.

Walking down the aisle: I didn’t notice the bride’s father asking her if she was really sure she wanted to keep going, and offering to lead her back the other way with a hopeful look on his face.

The Best Man: He didn’t have to be held up by the groom and groomsman next to him to keep from falling down.

The bouquet: Hadn’t lost all its Baby’s Breath due to a bride’s hands shaking so hard it all rattled out.

The Groomsmen: Were all neatly dressed, and none of them had gotten their rented tuxedo caught in a floor fan.

The Groom: Didn’t try to untie the Bride’s garter belt instead of just sliding it down for the traditional throw.

The cake: Wasn’t shoved down the Bride’s throat, nearly resulting in an emergency CPR.

But I assume they will remember their big day as well as I remember ours, perhaps for different reasons…

May your June be filled with lovely warm days, cool star-filled nights, and lots of new, and old, memories.

PS - no, these are not actual photos from my wedding, but they could be...

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