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To body art or not to body art, that is the question

It all started with a girls trip to Key Largo for some diving. It might have involved some drinking (but no drinking and diving at the same time!). We somehow got on the topic of tattoos. I think it was along the lines of "here we are, just the girls hanging out, doing what we want, going where we want....hey, let's get tattoos!"

No, we didn't immediately head to the nearest tattoo parlor. We're sensible adult women who think things through. We laughed off our silly idea and went on our merry way.

However...a couple weeks later I e-mailed my friend and told her I was really starting to think about getting a tattoo, and what did she think of the ones I'd found so far. And she immediately sent me back a Pinterest board with several she'd collected as potentials for herself. So, clearly, we were both actually getting serious about it. I'm not talking a full sleeve tattoo, or something on my neck or hands or calf or something that would be really obvious, but, just, something...

I did my research, checked reviews, and started investigating the most-highly-rated shops in my area. I wasn't sure if I could take the pain, or even how much there was. My husband has a tattoo he got decades ago, and he never finished the full design (but you can't tell from what you see). His memory of it was that it was more annoying than painful.

I found a shop who would work with the concept I had, letting me watch as he drew it out on paper, discussing options with me. Then it was time. 90 minutes later, I have the spider shown above, along with the Shakespeare quote "And though she be but little, she is fierce!"

I'm quite happy with it. The text circles my ankle like a bracelet, and the spider sits just in front of my ankle bone. Not big, not flashy, but just right. Will I get more? There is one possibility for on my back, below the level that would show with normal work clothes, but I'm going to think about it for a while. It DOES hurt, kind of like an attack of paper cuts - fast, stinging pain that goes away as soon as the needle moves on to another place. I don't think I'd want anything that was full color and big - it would just be too much in more ways than one. But, we'll see.

So, would you/wouldn't you do, or have you done, body art?


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